the clouet gardens project


the clouet gardens project, new orleans fringe festival

experimental participatory public event, 11/19/2014, in the (temporary) Clouet Gardens Park

 an occupation of an unorganized territory in a conflict zone of disputed entitlement

When is a public park not a park?  When it is destabilized by the roaring train traveling both in front of and behind the enemy lines.

Bureaucratic file cases and deflated parachutes are caught up in the old oak tree while a surveillance beacon sweeps the perimeter of the park.  There is dark money, a control steering wheel, a couple of nomadic tents, megaphones, morse code messaging, a dangling swing, a telephone, and the full text of the lawsuit against 94 Oil and Gas Companies on the illuminated laundry line.  An invitation to participate.



  • Mau 4








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