The Mine Project / DaDa Spill

    experimental multi-media installation/performance and crowd project

Most of the old cement mines in the hudson valley, ny, usa have been converted into record storage units. Dada spill (data spill means security breach) staged a massive security breach within a lone abandoned mine in rosendale ny in which  900 identity release documents were signed, sealed and compromised by the crowd with the help of interpretive guides.

A dark humored exploitation of security and complicity w/ Kate Hamilton + 30 volunteers

300 public participants.  The Widow Jane Mine, 4:00, July 27, 2013.


*paper mining helmets embedded with scraps of newspaper articles about mining disasters and labor disputes provided the primary light for the event in the dark abandoned cement mine.

Interpretive guides in costume helped people with their documents……*the shredder character was the itinerant whistle-blower and bore the weight of data excess in her shingled armor of shredded docs while she paced on the stage reciting scraps of history written on rolladex cards selected by her clients …….*the phishing man unassumingly fished for sensitive personal material that folks had stuffed into bottles and thrown on the interior lake…….*the redocx seamstress altered identity data by sewing shredding docs together at her treadle machine and laundering them on the clothes line……*the data crafter prepped by knitting a shawl out of the Meaning of Life ( a reel to reel tape so titled) that she carried in her booster bags, while wearing an EM shielding turban, and an enormous anti-static skirt……*an  image document facilitator verified and documented identities….* a facsimile wandered around wearing paper coveralls made from dozens of pulverized workman’s coveralls pretending to work….

*the crowd shared a banquet of delete cookies

*a 2 act intermission play WRENCH, by Elana Greenfield is performed on ladders in the water.


DaDaspill3938x-002 copy




10 minute video by Theo Cote

3 minute video edited from Cote’s footage

20  6″ delete cookies served at the concluding public banquet

made by a customized 3-d printer (Johansen) extruded cake icing

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