conceptual clothing

clothing enigmas 1980’s36380002


news religion 1980’s36390002_2DSCN1819

night walk 1990’s3688000136420001_236860004

les étrangers 1990’s3686000636860002

storm/structure – dress cartography 1995-2010




contain and breachweb site 2_001_030


clothing enigma 2  SCHOETTLE_marian.03

web site 2_001_015_2autumn may 2005 268

New Love collaboration w/ Tony Whitfield 201832207647_10156353591889935_5925030736292741120_o32260617_10156353592964935_6455666386571100160_oIMG_0129

dress cartography    storm/structure     clothing enigmas   New Love – old flash website

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