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4 decades ago with a degree in Sociology and no formal art or design training, I established my studio in Philadelphia with the conviction that clothing could be an artistic form of social intervention. The umbrella term CONCEPTUAL CLOTHING encompasses the variety of design, installation, collaboration and curatorial projects which occur in and out of the studio.

Always been self-employed: creating diverse projects.  After working at The Fabric Workshop for a couple of years in Philadelphia, moved my studio to NYC  and then to several European cities for a decade + of growth and expansion.  I began to make metaphorical garments, devised sound and light installation in Holland and the Czech Republic with the TROPISTs collaborative, executed multimedia installations, engaged in other collaborative projects (many undocumented and outside of the art world), made clothing within a variety of contexts- dance, performance art, theater, gallery, craft, and museum and taught in art and design academies.

Upon my return to the States I continued to develop projects of engagement as well as creating annual thematic clothing series that would be exhibited at Julie: Artisans Gallery in New York City.  I have worked with the weather to create time imprinted storm dresses, built nomadic tipi space module for the National Building Museum in DC, and developed clothing based actions for an array of political and psychogeography projects.  These have included projects with OCCUPY NYC, Millions March, Women’s March, Chashama NYC, and street manifestations in Berlin, Amsterdam and NYC in which my clothing  was used to disrupt normative behavior and instigate new relationships in the urban environment between people amidst advertising glut,  architecture, and learned urban behavior.

I have continued to develop large scale projects and I am deeply committed to exploring the realm of experimental, earnest AND absurdist crowd projects.  In 2013 after three years of research and development, Kate Hamilton and I created The Mine Project / DaDa SPILL, a large-scale multimedia installation, performance and crowd project in an unlit abandoned cement mine in NY State. with 30 local volunteers.   We staged an improvised dark humored security breach in which costumed  ‘interpretive guides’ lead people from one faulty exploration of security to another,  through twisted material interpretations of language and complicity.  We had a single performance in the Widow Jane Mine in Rosendale, NY. July 27, 2013 and  300 people came and participated.  This project was followed by my solo occupation of a public park in New Orleans (a de-facto occupied territory) titled The Clouet Gardens Project, Fringe Festival,  Nov. 2015.  In 2018 I developed and executed a project in residence in an open storefront Marseille France title DECALEZ involving a public development of the narrative regarding map making, mending and story sharing.  In autumn 2019 for La Nuit Blanche Festival in Toronto I staged a crowd project in which I conflated issues of disaster preparedness, leisure and migration by constructing a boat on a wildly windy and inhospitable cement plaza called Sugar Beach North and inviting people to paddle away. 

I’ve lived and worked in four countries and currently reside on a farm in  New York.

Screen shot 2014-03-31 at 4.05.27 PMScreen shot 2014-03-31 at 3.57.56 PM

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