IMG_8377 2   Marian (mau) Schoettle is a transdisciplinary project artist who explores material culture with the conviction that disruption yields insight .  Studio output includes clothing design, installation, interactive scenarios,  absurd and earnest public occupation which focus on shifting the perimeters of personal and social experience. mau cross references disparate ordinary stuff  and re-imagines humble artifacts – clothing, tools, blankets, shelters – in order to reconfigure social assumptions and alter our understanding of reality and our place.  

collaborations and diverse participatory projects

2019 Compression,  public engagement project conflating leisure, migration and disaster preparedness.  North Sugar Beach, La Nuit Blanche, Toronto

2018 DECALEZ, public project about mapping, mending and memory.  Chalkboard globe, pulleys, tarps, stories, maps, and reassembled garments were constructed and interwoven in public. Storefront, Dos Mares, Marseille, France 

2018 New Love, theater and performance collaboration on stories of contemporary western queer desire with Tony Whitfield+.  Spinning enormous kitchen table, 7 performers, mutable clothing, projected images of flooding and sound. (costume, soft props, audience engagement)  La MaMa Theater & Howl Gallery, NYC

2014 Clouet Gardens Project, a public project in the Clouet Gardens – an occupation of unorganized territory in a conflict zone of disputed entitlement. Bureaucratic file cases, parachutes, a surveillance beacon, a swing and telephone dangling from the old oak tree, a steering wheel, a train whistle, tents and the full text of the lawsuit against 94 Oil and Gas Companies.  The Fringe Festival, New Orleans 

2013 The Mine Project / DaDa SPILL,  a massive security breach is played out with our unwitting complicity in a participatory crowd project within an abandoned cement mine. The absurdist cavern of bureaucracy includes paperwork, customer service, flashlights, interpretive guides and a phisherman. Data storage is transposed as new geological strata in this dark-humored crowd project with collaborator Kate Hamilton, 28 volunteers, 300 participants. The Widow Jane Mine, Rosendale, NY 

2010 The White Garden Watermill International Summer Program, with Robert Wilson and Andre Bartenev.  

2009 Refractions, costumes, Clyde Forth Dance Theater, Merce Cunningham Studio, NYC

          A la Pintura, costumes, La Roulette, NYC

2018 POST INDUSTRIAL FOLK WEAR PROJECTS.   Clothing as a catalyst for urban disruption and engagement on the sidewalks of Brooklyn and Berlin, Manhattan, in Chashama Storefront NYC, and Conflux Psychogeography Festivals.

2011 -2018 gift giving – mau engages with interpersonal gift giving at the Women’s March NYC, Millions March NYC, Climate March NYC, Occupy NYC

1992 – 1998 TROPIST FOUNDATION, Amsterdam, NL, Dutch artist collective.                 The Riddle in the Old Church – 1996 interactive phosphorescent light/sound/object installation in a medieval church, Ouderkerk, Amsterdam, NL.                                           The Messenger/ Hermit II – The Mess Age 1995 installation with transistor radios, parabolic dishes, and spinning camera obscuras, Plasy Monastery, Czech Republic.

presentations – clothing, textiles, objects (select)

2019 Off the Wall: American Art to Wear, Philadelphia Museum of Art.                      2019  Domestic Matters: The Uncommon Apron, Peters Valley School of Craft           2018 Bojagi International Festival, a reinterpretation of traditional ceremonial textile tradition, Seoul, S. Korea.                                                                                                               2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 Smithsonian & Philadelphia Art Museum Craft Shows             2014 States of Security Clothing and hybrid tools, KMOCA Kingston, NY                           2014 GROUNDSWELL, sound/object site installation, Olana & Wave Farm, Hudson.  

2011 The Arab Spring, paper cutouts, The Shirt Factory Kingston NY                               2011 In Situ, material culture, KMOCA Kingston NY                                                             2010 STORM/Structure: Dress Cartography Series NYC, London, Paris, Amsterdam     2001 Blue Dress/ Form and Feel, 10 cyanotype dresses. Julie: Artisans’ Gallery, NYC   1999 Circles and Squares: Folded and Punched, clothing, Bernard Toale, Boston       1998 Flow Visualization, clothing, Julie: Artisan’s Gallery, NYC                                         1998 Fishing in Muddy Water, clothing, Bernard Toale Gallery, Boston                          1996 Night Walk 11 photographic dresses. Galerie MARZEE, Amersfoort,                          1993 Kinderspel, installation, The Textile Museum of the Netherlands, Tilburg              1992 The Dilated Eye, sound/light/object installation, Time Based Arts, Amsterdam       1983 – 2013 Julie: Artisan’s Gallery, yearly exhibitions NYC

University level TEACHING & WORKSHOPS                                                                            1984 – 1995  Art and design Academies: Gerrit Reitveld in Amsterdam, The Royal College of Art in the Hague, University of Art and Design in Tilburg, NL,  and the University of Wales in Newport – ‘Art as a Form of Social Intervention’

CLOTHING  mau studio since 1983

REPRESENTATION  Julie: Artisan’s Gallery NYC 1983-2013

PUBLIC COLLECTIONS   Victoria & Albert Museum, Philadelphia Art Museum, Museum of Rhode Island School of Design, Textile Museum NL, Municipal Museum in the Hague, Art in Embassy Program in Geneva and Baku. 

GROUP MUSEUM SHOWS  Philadelphia Museum of Art, Stedelijk Museum, The Dutch Textile, The Hague Municipal, the Victoria and Albert, Manchester, Wraclow Architecture, Bayreath, Helsinki Art, de Young, Dorsky, New York State, Noyes, and others.

GROUP GALLERY SHOWS   BOGAGI, Seuil, South Korea, England & Co. London, Battersea and Camden Arts London, Helen Drutt Philadelphia, SPOT Poland, Dieu Donne NYC, Avignon Festival and others.

GRANTS & SUBSIDIES   Mondrian Funds, Amsterdam Art Funds, The Dutch Government, The British Arts Council, New York Foundation for the Arts, Robert Wilson & Watermill Foundation, Women’s Studio Workshop w/ Kate Hamilton, CHASHAMA NYC, Haystack Open Studio Residency

AWARDS                                                                                                                                         2019& 2018 Awards of Excellence and Best of Show:  Bellevue Art Museum Art Festival, Cherry Creek Denver Art Festival, American Craft Council Show San Francisco             2017 Smithsonian Museum New Directions Award – Excellent Design of the Future       2016 Award of Excellence for Innovation in Craft by James Renwick Alliance. 

COMMUNITY                                                                                                                              Public Access Television Program 1999 – 2002 , produced and directed community and public service weekly program.  Esopus Library, NY

BIBLIOGRAPHY                                                                                                                              2017   The Materials Sourcebook for Design Professional, Rob Thompson, Thames & Hudson                                                                                                                                              2014   Fabrics for Fashion, The Complete Guide, Clive Hallett, Amanda Johnston, Lawrence King                                                                                                                                2005   Artwear, Fashion and Anti-Fashion, Melissa Leventon, Thames and Hudson, Magazines:  Zoom, Ornament, Textile/ Art, Ruimte, Smithsonian Newsletter, Chronogram

STUDIO     mau – pob 299, Esopus  NY 12429 USA                                                                        1995-‐89 Amsterdam, 1989-85 Paris, 1985-83 London, 1983 –80 Phila. and NYC

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